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Ft. Worth Bail Bonds and Tarrant County Jail Release Information.

Getting Out of Jail in Fort Worth, Texas
When a person is arrested for a crime in Tarrant County, Texas, the law enforcement officer files a probable cause affidavit with the court that outlines the criminal allegations. A Tarrant County judge reviews the affidavit and checks the defendant’s criminal record before setting the amount required for bail. The type and seriousness of the alleged crime and the defendant’s prior arrest record influence the amount of bail required.

Bail for misdemeanor crimes in Tarrant County can range from $500 for writing a bad check to $10,000 for domestic violence assault.  Bail for a first offense DWI in Ft. Worth can be between $1,500-3,000.  The amount can be higher, depending on the details of the driving while intoxicated arrest.  Prior drunk driving convictions, causing an accident with injury, having a minor in the vehicle and having a very high blood alcohol content at the time of arrest are all factors that the Tarrant County judge takes into account.

Don’t Get Stuck in Jail in Tarrant County
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Types of Bonds
After a judge establishes the amount of bail. there are four ways to gain release from jail: cash bond, Pre-Trial Release (personal bond), lawyer assisted bond and surety bond/bail bond.

Cash Bond
This calls for someone to post the full amount of the bail set by the judge.  Despite the name of this bond, the Tarrant County Jail does not accept cash for bail.  A cashier’s check or money order must be presented at the jail.  The funds cannot be retrieved from the Cash Bond until after the criminal case is resolved. This means the money can be tied up for years.

Tarrant County Pre-Trial Release (Personal Bond)
Following an arrest in Fort Worth, the Tarrant County Pre-Trial Release Office will determine if the defendant can qualify for Pre-Trial Release.  Pre-Trial Release is a way for qualified prisoners to be released without paying a bond. Pre-Trial release is a personal bond, or promise, to appear. Tarrant County Pre-Trial Release is responsible for gathering and reviewing information about a prisoner to determine whether to release the prisoner from custody. The following minimum qualifications must be met before Pre-Trial Release may be considered:

  • MUST be Tarrant County or Dallas County resident.
  • MUST be in jail on a Tarrant County offense (first-degree felony charges are excluded).
  • MUST not be on parole or have any felony convictions.
  • MUST be willing to appear in Tarrant County Courts until the case is completely out of litigation.
  • MUST provide positive identification.
  • MUST NOT have history of bond forfeitures.

Bail Bonds in Tarrant County
Depending on the details of the arrest, it may be necessary to go to a bail bondsman. A bail bondsman typically charges 15-20% of the bail amount.

Jail Release in Ft. Worth, Texas
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Jail Release fees apply toward legal representation.

An attorney is permitted by law to execute bail bonds for persons actually represented in criminal cases in Tarrant County, Texas.